EVISTELAs part of global delivery of end-to-end solution, EVISTEL can offer trainings for a perfect handling of its solutions and platforms.

Trainings are project-based: they are adapted according operator needs, project scope and planning, targeted public.

Trainings can take place at customer's premises or at EVISTEL's premises. Technical trainings are usually performed on-site with direct connection to the platform in order to perform exercises in real environment.
All training includes the necessary materials : hard copy of slides presented for each participant, exercises books…

EVISTEL standard trainings offer includes trainings for different targeted groups:

  • Administrators: training for administrators offers deep knowledge of platform and system management
  • Engineers: training for engineers includes solution overview and all necessary knowledge for solution design and platform dimensioning
  • Marketing: this training gives an overview of the solution and of the capabilities of the platform
  • Customer Services: the CS trainings learn how to use and understand the CS interfaces for products with customer services interfaces.