EVISTEL SMSeXchanger is the only worldwide solution that answers all SMS  issues: SMS delivery, SMS real-time charging, SMS enhanced routing, SMS control, SMS antiSPAM, SMS services and applications, third party gateway, SMS store & forward, SMS broadcast...

EVISTEL SMSeXchanger is a platform with high capacity, high availability and easy scalability. It integrates several mechanisms to deliver mass number of SMS in a secured way. This makes SMSeXchanger the most robust SMS solution of the market.

EVISTEL DASPThe world of SMS has changed from a simple additional service to an essential service for operators. SMS have became a core service in mobile networks. Not only customers use more and more SMS, but also SMS becomes an essential service for some applications: voicemail notifications, activation of services, OTA configurations...

SMS challenges have evolved: needs for large capacity, complex traffic flows handling, guaranteed quality of service, network overload management, enhanced rating & charging...

With more than 10 years of experiences in SMS technology, EVISTEL has developed the SMSeXchanger as an answer to all these challenges.

EVISTEL SMSeXchanger is a global SMS solution based on SMS next–generation architecture. It offers, routing flexibility, SMS control, advanced protections  against overload, enhanced rating & Charging, service builder.

The heart of EVISTEL SMSeXchanger is a powerful SMS router that dispatches the SMS to the different applications and functionalities.

The main modules that composed EVISTEL SMSeXchanger are:

  • SMS Router
  • SMS real-time Charging
  • SMS antiSPAM
  • SMS Store&Forward
  • SMS services and applications...

EVISTEL SMSeXchanger has been successfully implemented worldwide in several networks. Some implementation reaches ten thousands of SMS per second with complex SMS handling and management.