Product & Solutions


If you are interested in high quality and highly innovative solutions, you are interested in EVISTEL.

For more than 10 years, EVISTEL has created products at the cutting-edge of telecom technology. EVISTEL has provided innovative solutions to operators that have supported them in telecom market challenges.

EVISTEL DASP platform on which all EVISTEL products are built is constantly improved. It is today the most stable and reliabel platform in the market. Quality of Service is a key factor in telecom industry and the DASP platform exceed this need.

Flexibility and Reactivity are crucial in our vision on our solutions. We always adapt to our customers' specific requirements and needs, providing them what they really required, what will have no impact on their legacy infrstructure.

Since the beginning, EVISTEL has maintained two main product line:

  • SMSeXchanger: the most powerful and complete SMS solution
  • Universal Data Charging: the efficient and flexible data charging solution

On top of this two main products, based on its deep expertise in telecom standards and platforms, EVISTEL has developped several other platorms to help operators in their

  • Smart IN
  • Device Manager
  • Anti-fraud
  • Open DASP (VAS)