Devices Manager

Do you know which handset is used by every customer ?
Do you want to control Handsets configuration ?

With the growing complexity of data services, the mobile device becomes a critical link in the value chain.
In order to guarantee an optimal behaviour of the service, Mobile operators need Device Management solution to deal with configuration issues and handle the capabilities of the different handsets.
EVISTEL Devices Manager is a complete solution with handsets recognition, handsets configuration, handset knowledge data-base...

EVISTEL Devices Manager has been developed according to the below key ideas and requirements:

  • real-time knowledge of handsets and handsets' capabilities used by each subscriber
  • Up-to-date handsets database
  • open solution with open interfaces towards third party applications for optimal content delivery
  • Full solution: EVISTEL solution includes out-of-the-shelf all aspecrs of handsets control, follow-up and configuration
  • Several self-care interfaces: automatic, web, SMS, USSD
  • Scalable and easy integration to all networks (2G, 3G, 4G)
  • Easy management via user-friendly web GUI


EVISTEL Devices Manager comes with the followin modules:

Automatic Device Detection
Module for real-time, automatic and transparent detection of all handsets used by every subscriber.

Terminal Capability Centre
Up-to-date database of all handsets available on the market with their capabilities.

Over-the-Air configuration
OTA module for remote configuration of mobile terminals.

Automatic Device Configuration
Automatic terminals. configuraiton for new subscribers or for new handsets introduced by a suibscriber.

Equipment Identity Register (EIR)
Standard EIR with fraud prevention based on white, grey and black lists.