Smart OCS

EVISTEL smart OCS is a new generation IN systems for voice and data. It supports charging and services for GSM, 3G, LTE, data and IMS networks. It makes it easy the creation of intelligent services on all bearers.
EVISTEL smart OCS  is focused on flexibility and performance: easy handling of services, easy addition or modifications of services for a wide number of subscribers.

EVISTEL Smart OCS is a full OCS/IN system designed for high performance and availability.

The heart of EVISTEL Smart OCS is a strong SCP function with full INAP/CAP control, routing features and services dispatching. EVISTEL SCP is based on robust platform DASP for stable service delivery.

Convergent Rater

for extended charging of any services

Intelligent Routing

for optimal integration of voice mails and VAS

Services dispatching

for support of multiple IN services for one subscriber

Call controls

via INAP and CAP for all networks (2G, 3G, 4G...)

Open service

service creation environment