RCS Messaging

Mobile phones have evolved from basic voice phones to smartphones with data, networks have evolved from 2G to 4G/LTE and 5G: and now, messaging is moving from legacy SMS/MMS to rich RCS messaging !

Be prepare for next-generation Messaging !


RCS Messaging (Universal Profile) is the next generation messaging service that will replace legacy SMS and MMS in next years. RCS Messaging standards (based on SIP, MSRP and https) are supported by GSMA, they are implemented in Android and Windows devices and will be supported in a couple of years on iOS. RCS Messaging will become the messaging bearer for all mobile handsets.


EVISTEL RCS Messaging solution is a full advanced RCS messaging with all attractive RCS features. Based on EVISTEL knownledge on messaging, it offers on top of RCS features bridges to legacy messagins services, allowing a perfect communication between RCS and non RCS subscribers.

EVISTEL RCS Messaging solution can be deployed as a full node or in a cloud for fast deployment. Fully standards, it can be integrated with any IMS networks, or even, with any data networks for networks that are not IMS-ready.


ok Multi-devices

ok Standalone Message

ok 1-to-1 chat

ok Group chat

ok Audio Messaging

ok File transfer

okGeo-localisation push

ok Message store