Serving Mobile Location Center

Do you know that it can be easy to get the localisation of a subscribers in your network ?

3GPP has standardised the Serving Mobile Location Centre node (SMLC) that is in charge of the calculation of subscriber location out of all network relevant information.

EVISTEL SMLC is a powerful SMLC that supports all networks and several localisation mechanisms.

Getting the position of a subscriber is important for several applications in an operator network:

ok Tracking of targets for law enforcement agencies
ok Subscriber localisation during a call to emergency services
ok Geo-marketing and more globally big data analysis of subscriber location and behavior
ok Fraud enforcement in case of virtual payment
ok …

All location services require the implementation of a SMLC (Serving Mobile Location Centre) to easily get a precise location of the subscriber.

The SMLC is a key element in networks: it gathers all networks information on a subscriber to estimate its geodesic localisation.

EVISTEL SLMC is a full stand alone SLMC:

ok It supports all networks what includes latests LTE networks

ok It offers different calculation methods to get the best possible precision

ok It is a very robust solution that can support high load and that embeds advanced functionality like “requests rerouting” for easy deployment in the network with other SMLC.