Diameter eXchanger

3G and 4G networks requires managing an unprecedent flow of Signaling traffic. Are you sure you're ready for that?

Discover EVISTEL Diameter eXchanger, the enhanced routing & network optimizer solution.

Data Charging

Telecom networks are moving to full data network: are your ready? Are you sure to get all the tools for optimal data control and charging?

Discover EVISTEL Universal Data Charging, the enhanced data control&charging solution for operators.


Are you sure your 4G customers can send SMS to 2G/3G subscribers with a seamless end-user experience?

Discover EVISTEL IP-SM-GW solution.

Universal Data Charging

How to get more form your data networks? How to overcome bandwidth saturation linked to unlimited offers?

EVISTEL Universal Data Charging, the enhanced solution to operators data networks issues.

Diameter eXchanger

How to control your Diameter signaling traffic, optimize its routing and unload your network?

LTE Diameter signalling is expected to double mobile data grows rate in the years coming.
EVISTEL Diameter eXchanger, has been designed to solve all those new challenges.


How interoperate between legacy and 4G networks while maintaining the same messaging user experience?

EVISTEL IP-SM-GW, manages all the messaging traffic between legacy and 4G networks.